What makes Fernie special to you? 

1. a body of people living in one place…and considered as a whole. 2. A group with common interests…3. Fellowship, being alike in some way… (Oxford).

I enjoy Fernie as a community.  When the trials present themselves, the people rise to the occasion and help each other. During big snowfalls, neighbours lend a hand to shovel each other out.  When the river floods people come out to fill sandbags and deliver to appropriate areas of need.

There is a communion (like beliefs) of why people choose to be here. Even with a wide variety of thoughts, lifestyles, and opinions, people come together and work out interesting challenges and support successes.

As a developing community, there are a lot of opportunities; in work, and recreation.  I love to be able to nod, wave and smile in recognition of most people in town.  Like old home week.

And ahh, the newcomers; welcome to the community.  I made one my life partner and best friend.  And the visitors, we get to know them too often making meaningful friendships.

Fernie has been a great place to raise my children.  I remember asking them to keep their gum wrappers in their pocket in order to respect their surroundings; appreciate nature and that we are a part of the community.  I also asked them to treat others as they expect to be treated. In a community, we are never anonymous.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I am proud and truly thankful for the local and country-wide attributes: Colourful history. Natural beauty. Fresh drinking water. Lakes, rivers and the streams. Trails and forests. Wildlife. Arts and culture. The big country just minutes from the highway. The diversity from coast to coast of this vast country.

I am proud we make a stand on addressing social and economic issues.  For the most part create a balance to provide and improve health care, school systems, prochoice enablement’s, justice and equal rights movements, and environmental concerns. I am proud of our countries reputation for being advocates of peace and known as kind people. All these things contribute to the legacy for our children, and for others that will follow us.

I am honoured to be Canadian.

What is your Fernie story?

I arrived in Fernie in 1979. After moving back and forth across the country several times I always longed for the west.  I worked in the forestry industry in the summer and at the ski resort in the winter. The tourism industry was blossoming.

The ski resort provided full-time work for 26 years with experiences, friendships, knowledge in life skills, education and training, trade certification, trying times and many fun and entertaining times.

I met Christa (the newcomer) and we have two wonderful sons, who are now making their own lives, here in Fernie.

I am currently employed with Island Lake Resort.  I have been working here for the past 11 years. I feel fortunate to be working in yet another glorious setting, gaining more life experiences.

Often when working on the ski lift towers or wrapped up in whatever projects at Island Lake Lodge, I forget to look around and appreciate the magnificent place we call home. When I do stop to look around, it is truly glorious.

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