What makes Fernie special to me? 

Living in Fernie, we all share – not necessarily this or that particular interest – but the conditions of a common life.  We inherited the shape and spaces of our built environment from earlier residents. How they worked and played, how we work and play, is shaped by the natural environment that surrounds us.

It is this intersection of landscape, (small) cityscape and lifestyle that I like. The common life we all share creates and attracts characters that make the community a dynamic place to be.

What makes me proud to be Canadian?

The idea (myth) of Canada as a place that embraces the wisdom and life experience of my Cree mother-in-law alongside the life experience of someone just arrived from a vastly difference place: that is what (would) make me proud. The third leg of the triangle are people who hunt and fish and ranch and farm. In my experience, they are often-overlooked advocates of habitat conservation.

Canada’s habitats are what I value most about Canada. It is a happy accident I was born here, and grew up seeing so much awe-inspiring wilderness.

What is my Fernie story?

My first memory of Fernie is driving through the covered bridges as a kid. Next, a lazy summer afternoon wandering around, looking at the architecture. We were living in Banff then; the Elk Valley felt spacious. I said “I could live here,” then promptly forgot about it. Island Lake brought us back nine years later. We were shareholders and I stepped into a management role. Fast forward to owning The Guide’s Hut, a different way of getting to know people in the community. Now, a new chapter, not yet written. The interlude, teaching Entrepreneurship to the 2016/17 MAST students, was a lot of fun.

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