What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is special to me because it is home.

I love living in a place where people want to be.  Fernie is dynamic, alive, progressive, and welcoming.  I feel proud to tell people I live in Fernie.

Fernie is a wonderful mix of people who have been here for generations and people who have moved here more recently for the lifestyle.  Fernie is an active community that supports a vibrant arts and cultural scene.  It is a small town with great amenities, good schools, surrounded by nature, and history.  I love that you can walk down the street and see people that you know.

People in Fernie are excited about the future.  Fernie is a growing, vibrant town, just an incredible place to be.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I became a Canadian when I was 24 years of age.  I have traveled and lived in many places in the world, but I am always proud to say I am a Canadian.

To be a Canadian means to be open to others, to be tolerant and accepting, to be adventurous, and to be positive.

As I get older, I become more and more proud of being Canadian ~ and I’m very grateful to raise my children here.

What is your Fernie story?

Fifteen years ago I moved to Fernie and I honestly didn’t know much about it. I came to be with my husband who had a job here.

It seemed like a great place to spend a year.  Tops.

But then the community and the town stole my heart.

I remember my first visit to Fernie – my husband took me to several places, to the Blue Toque (when it was still on the highway), to walk around the Annex dike, to see the downtown ~ and even to the library!

Everyone was just so friendly to us, from the older Italians we first met, to all the friends that became like family.

Our first child was born a few weeks after we arrived, and well, we are still here because we simply can’t imagine a better place to raise our family.  A better place to live!

We now have three children who are truly ‘Fernie kids’ through and through. They have been skiing since they could walk and they think nothing of the fact that they get to ski as part of gym class!

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