What makes Fernie special to you?

Fernie is a special place in so many ways, it is impossible to just pick one. But for me, it is the vast wilderness that is just minutes away including the endless trails, mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers. No matter how often you explore, there always seems to be somewhere new to go and discover. Our community is full of adventurous people who care about the environment and this place that we call our home. Not only is the community’s care for the environment admirable, but the love and support shown within the community is inspiring. It is great knowing that our home will be protected and well taken care of in the future, for many generations to come.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

As a Canadian, there is nothing more important to me than the conservation of our wilderness. We have a wide array of different climates and microclimates that are distinct to our land and we are lucky enough to have access to these wonderful areas. Respecting and appreciating our natural environment and spending time outdoors is not only found within small communities, but it is also a commonality across the country. I am proud of the time, dedication and effort that Canadian’s have shown in the past and present to make our country what it is today. It is an ease of mind knowing how many people have taken an interest in the conservation of our great country.

What’s your Fernie story?

My Fernie story is 27 years old and still in the making. I was born and raised in Fernie and the majority of my family was as well. My immediate and extended family have been here for 5 generations. My mother’s parents, Earl and Iris McPeek, were born and raised in Saskatchewan and moved to Fernie in 1971 and actively participated in the development of the community. My father’s mother, Bernice Hornquist, formerly a Sedrovic, has lived here her whole life. Her husband, Verne Hornquist, moved to Fernie in 1945 from Kimberley, a small neighbouring community, and has been a part of the art community here for many years. In addition to many of my other relatives, all of my grandparents still reside in Fernie. While I was lucky enough to be born into this wonderful community, the reason that I am still here is because Fernie is my “home” and it always will be regardless of where I am.

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