What makes Fernie special to you?

What makes Fernie so special to me is that growing up there was and is so much that a child can do. Not every day was the same. During summer you could go hiking and fishing to playing hide and go seek to hop scotch. You could go to the back wash and look at all the frogs, tadpoles and even get a glimpse of a salamander. During the winter months, you could go skiing, snow shoeing, and playing hockey. You could build snow forts and have snowball fights, or even king of the castle. All of this with just yourself, one, two or even a bunch of your friends. And not too often it was by yourself. Fernie is a place a boy or girl can enjoy their childhood, and grow up without any care or worries. I am proud to have grown up in Fernie and will always have great memories of growing up here.

What makes me proud to be a Canadian?

I decided that I wanted to help my community so I joined the Fernie Fire Department as a volunteer. The fire department put on many fundraisers for charities, and for the town. It was enjoyable and exciting. But there was still something that I felt that I could do more. So, I decided to join the Canadian Military and do something for my country. I served my country for 20 years with pride. I volunteered and did numerous peacekeeping missions and NATO missions representing Canada, I got to help other countries in time of need representing Canada. When I got to see how the state of other countries are and know that living in Canada is by far so much better, these are the little things that make me very proud to be a Canadian.

What is your Fernie story?

Other than the 20 years in the military moving from base to base, I was born and raised in Fernie and have lived here all my life. My wife was born in Ontario and my kids were born in Alberta, but have lived here since 2010. My mother was born in Creston and has lived here since she was a small girl and still lives here. My father was born in Cokado but lived in West Fernie and still lives here in the house that I grew up in. My brother now lives in Chilliwack, and my little sister still lives here in Fernie

I came back to Fernie because I want my kids to grow up and be able to do the things that I was able to do growing up as a boy. Being able to go out hiking, fishing etc. I want them to be able to grow up as a kids should grow up, with no worries.

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