What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is special to me beyond words.  I was born and raised in Fernie, so all of my childhood memories are in the streets of Fernie.  Playing ‘kick the can’ until our mothers yelled at us to come in because it was dark outside.  My teenage years of figuring out who I was are in the homes of my friends, hanging out in their basements.  My adult years are being involved in the community, enjoying my kids’ activities, being with my family as we get to enjoy our quaint town together.  There is a sense of really being “at home” when I am surrounded by the amazing people that live in Fernie.

 What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Oh Canada!  Thank you for giving me freedom, and letting me share that freedom with my children.  Thank you for always making us feel safe.  Thank you for accepting others into your heart; I love the multiculturalism that our country represents, and without that acceptance many of us wouldn’t be privileged enough to call Canada home. Thank you for being a place that people want to visit, and a place that people don’t want to leave because you are so great.  Thank you for your awe-inspiring views, breath-taking nature and for the Tragically Hip.

 What is your Fernie story?

I arrived in Fernie forty-five years ago via my mothers womb.  Both my parents were born and raised in Fernie (as were my grandparents) and then raised my sister, brother and I in a small home on 4th ave.  This was the same house my dad grew up in and I still feel nostalgic every day when I walk by it.  I couldn’t wait to leave Fernie and explore what lay beyond the bridges.  Several years later I realized that Fernie is such a special place, and happily moved back.  I now raise my 2 wonderful children here with my husband, and we live next to my mom and dad!   While I still want to explore beyond the bridges, there is no other place I will ever call home.  Fernie is in my heart.

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