What makes Fernie special to you?

Fernie is where I was born, but it will always be more than that.  Fernie is the only place I have ever called Home, and although there are many times I feel like leaving, there is something magical about this place that just seems to keep pulling me back, and so here I remain, in this beautiful little mountain town, which is never a bad thing.

But what really makes Fernie special to me is the people, and the surrounding landscape. Whether you walk uptown and run into many friendly familiar faces, or decide to venture into the woods for some camping and fishing, there is always a good time just minutes away, if you’re willing to look for it. And most of the time you don’t have to look too hard.

Whether you enjoy summer or winter activities, there is a vast amount of different adventures to be had, with good people (or alone if you prefer), but if you plan on sticking around, make sure to invest in a snowblower.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I would say there are many contributing factors that make me proud to be a Canadian. But one of the biggest things that separates us from many other parts of the world is our dedication to a “green” environment, although at times I wish our plentiful natural resources were more closely guarded.  We have been fortunate enough to live in a country with an enormous amount of natural resources, and I strongly believe we need to protect these resources before they are all too quickly depleted.  I think most Canadians agree with this though, and that is something I am truly proud of.

I am also proud of the view the rest of world has towards Canadians in general. I am more than happy to be called “too polite” sometimes, than to have the opposite be said ever. But as we all know there is much more to being Canadian than just being quick on the draw to say “sorry”, we are also very quick to stand up for what we believe in. And for that I am proud to say I Am Canadian.

What is your Fernie story?

I am 27 years old, born in the Fernie Hospital, and have lived here ever since. My great-grandmother Liberata (nana) moved to Fernie in 1902 from Italy, at the age of 11. She lived through both of the Great Fernie Fires, of 1905 and 1908, met my Papa, and gave birth to 11 children, all born and raised in Fernie. My father and his 5 siblings were also all born and raised in Fernie, as were most of my cousins, so you could say we are a bit of a “Fernie Family”.

I can’t say for certain what it is that keeps me here though, as most of my family has moved away, and I won’t lie, after growing up here my entire life, I always planned on leaving when I graduated. Whether it’s the fact I have met so many great people who have stuck around over the years, or the excitement of a fresh batch of “Powder Hounds” coming to town to meet. Or the simple fact that I can walk 5 minutes from my door to a nice Cutthroat Trout fishing hole, or golf course, drive 5 minutes to an amazing ski hill, or any number of different hiking trails.

But no matter what happens in the future, or where I end up living, Fernie will always be my true home.


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