What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is an amazing small town, with a genuine sense of community. Neighbours help neighbours, giving of their time because…well, because it’s Fernie and that’s how we roll.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

To be Canadian is to be polite, genuine, and, above all, quietly proud.  Being “proud to be Canadian” is part of my DNA.  I am a member of the Métis Nation, part of the original fabric of this country.  My roots are Oji-Cree from the Red River Settlement, British, and Scottish.

What is your Fernie story?

My parents and sister moved to Fernie in 1981, from Atikokan, Ontario. My father worked at Shell’s new Line Creek coal operations, and my mother taught elementary school. I worked as a summer student at Line Creek Mine in 1982 and 1983 while completing my post-secondary schooling back in Thunder Bay.  I relocated to Fernie in 1989 to raise my children close to family and allow them the opportunity of growing up in a small community with great schools and an epic outdoor playground.

I believe in giving back to my community and helping others. To that end, in 2006 I brought Weight Watchers to Fernie to help others become healthy.

The recreational potential in Fernie is unlimited.  In 2014 I discovered mountain biking – summer and winter.  Exploring the incredible trail networks in the Valley has allowed me to experience Fernie from new, exciting perspectives. If I’m not on the trails in the summer, you’ll find me relaxing at the family cabin on Suzanne Lake.

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