What makes Fernie special to you? 

Having been raised in Toronto, my sense of community up until my youth, was based on tiny pockets of the population like schools, sports leagues and neighbourhoods. My community is Fernie, but my community is no longer restricted to a small group. Each and every resident in Fernie is my neighbour and my involvement in our community seems to touch each of my neighbours in some way. Within a short time of our move to Fernie, I found myself getting involved with some very special community groups that have quickly become a part of who I am. Between my roles within Fernie Fire Rescue, the Fernie Mountain Bike Club, and the countless groups and activities with my children; my community has become a part of how I live my life. My community has and will continue to shape who I am and I’m proud to call Fernie home.

  What is your Fernie story?

My wife Madeleine and I moved to Fernie in November 2011. It was a job in the mining industry that provided us with the opportunity to relocate and establish our home here. While the job may have provided the opportunity, it’s the community that keeps us here. Subsequent to moving to Fernie we have had two children and we are proud to be raising them in such a fantastic community. We are all very active, and our involvement with local clubs and groups has helped to embed us in the fabric of this amazing town and provided us with the chance to raise our family in a place where we can see them thrive.

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