What makes Fernie special to you?

Smiling faces – many graces – the seen and unseen of a community of the heart.

Generations taking care of one another.  Our elder’s stories, sacred and honoured with love and gratitude.

Parents who sacrifice to provide our ‘small town,’ atmosphere and environment, opting for a safe and wondrous place for themselves, their children, and their neighbours.

A marvellous melding of various sports, arts, culture, business careers, holistic healers, potters, musicians and poets, lived within the everyday drama of life.

A deep-seated, innate feeling, that one need never to be alone, or lonely unless seeking repose and solitude.

A shared understanding or what unity means, whether it is through joy or sorrow, life or death, success or crisis~~~ recorded upon the heart, and treasured.

It is the affirmation received while dwelling upon nature’s gifts; the rising and setting of the sun embraced by the mountain’s valleys or peaks, the change of seasons and their unique and exceptional gifts. And a deep knowing that we can, ‘bloom where we are planted.’

I sigh with joy~~~cherishing, MY FERNIE.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Canada is my homeland and my birthright.  It is what I am and who I am~~~formed by several generations, embracing my European, Quebecois and Red River Valley roots, blended with Metis blood of which I am very proud.

From the farmlands, villages and towns, to the metropolitan urban cities, to the vast oceans that anchor this rich land of our ancestors, there is nowhere else I would choose to call home. I also pray that this vast expanse of riches remains, “one.” Not only for the next 150 years but into the next millenniums.

What is your Fernie story?

Our journey to Snow Valley began in 1981. We had chosen our summer holiday to be spent in Sandpoint, Idaho and made Fernie, BC, our pit-stop point. We checked in to the Three Sisters Motel.  We enjoyed the pool and ate at Rocky’s.  The next morning we attended mass at Holy Family Parish.  We followed that up with ‘brekkie at Earl’s Motor Inn before journeying on.

Upon our return we once again enjoyed this wondrous community before making our way back to Okotoks, Alberta.

With our two children, we began an annual tradition of a Christmas ski holiday registering our stay at the Griz Inn, and quickly becoming Ralph’s clients at Ski Base…always easier to ‘stay and buy local,’ with the gear we needed each year. And we had the great joy of getting to meet Heiko and Linda, on one of our first trips. And, as we all know, Fernie would not be what it is today without the Socher’s.

This led us to purchase a condo in the Annex followed by a house purchase 10 years later.  In 2002, Fernie became our permanent address. We have never regretted the decision, and our children also make Fernie their home.  We are supremely blessed to watch our kids and ‘grands’ grow.  And today, we can all say, ‘I AM FERNIE!’

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