What makes Fernie special to you?  

Fernie is a special place to me because I couldn’t picture myself being anywhere else. Fernie is my future. The fact that I can walk out my door and be content with where I am, knowing that I’ll feel the same tomorrow, makes for easy living. Not many people have that or may not even know any better. I’m proud to be in Fernie because the majority of my friends share that same outlook. It’s our home. Whenever we leave to go discover new places, we find ourselves home sick and quickly realize how good we have it in our little mountain town.

 What makes you proud to be Canadian?

One of the best parts about Canada to me is that we are open to differences in cultures and beliefs. We help out those who need us and accept them for who they are, knowing that we’ll only evolve from it. A lot of countries can learn from us and our Canuck ways. We’re known for our humour and being incredibly polite – not a bad stereotype to uphold, eh! Not to mention, what other country has a leaf on their flag, a beaver on their nickel and lets not forget the penny.

What’s your Fernie story?

15 years ago I came to Fernie to snowboard. Today my reasons for staying are endless. I came from Tumbler Ridge, a small mining town in the mountains of Northern BC. The first time I came to Fernie I was mesmerized, fixated on returning home to put in my month’s notice at my retirement job. It was the best decision I ever made.  It gave me the opportunity to receive my red seal for Heavy Duty Mechanics through the mine. That path eventually led me to work in the ski industry, which is special to me because of my passion for snowboarding. I am blessed for everything this area has offered me.


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