What makes Fernie special to you? 

Friendly, open, inviting. Fernie is a place where people come to live and play in the great outdoors. It’s a community that welcomes all. Before moving here I lived in another tourist town and could never say it felt like home. I was a transient resident not because I wanted to be but because like most others I was expected to only live in that community for a year or two and move. Fernie was a place I visited lots and everyone recognized me walking downtown with a friendly wave and a smile. We still get that today.

We aren’t  a tourist town. We are a hard working eclectic group with a common interest, Fernie.

Fernie is a place where we’ve all found our niche to live and play.

 What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Canada is my home. A place to live free and be accepting of all race and religion.

What is your Fernie story?

On Friday, February 13, 1994, a good friend of my wife’s who lived in Fernie called to say there was a house for sale, a foreclosure, and we should buy it. My wife drove down to look at it. Me, I just trusted her instincts and the following Monday we bought it. We thought we would fix it up and eventually move to Fernie. In November of 1994 we did. We didn’t have jobs to come to, we just figured we would find a way to live. We both loved to ski but found the summers to be even better than  winter.  We’ve raised our family here.

We stayed in Fernie because of the sense of community. It’s a town most want to live in.

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