What makes Fernie special to you?  

Fernie is so special to me because it’s so small, which means it’s almost impossible not to run into someone you know while walking down the street. Even if you don’t know someone they’ll still smile and be friendly. Everyone you see is helpful and kind; if you need a hand all you have to do is ask which is incredible. You’d almost never get that in a big city. We have such a strong community, and if we put our minds to it we can do anything.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Canada is such an amazing and accepting place. We are such a diverse and caring nation and that can’t be said about every country; instead of shunning people who are unlike us, we welcome them with open arms and minds. We as a country will embrace who you are, whether you’re an immigrant, have a different religion, are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, have opposing views on international and political matters, or do things in a dissimilar way because that’s how you were raised or is dictated by your culture.

What is your Fernie story?

My sister and I were born and raised in Fernie. What I’ll do after I finish high school is yet to be determined, but no matter what I do Fernie will always be home and now that my sister’s gone to university, it’s different. Some people are surprised when I say that I miss her and that is the truth. It feels like a part of home, a part of Fernie has left, but that’s just the way it is. Life is going to take you on all sorts of adventures, and part of going on an adventure is leaving the comforts of home behind and sometimes you’ll wish you had just stayed home, but most of the time you’ll end up regretting not going if you don’t. I look forward to everything Fernie has to offer to me and wherever the path it has put me on will take.

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