What makes Fernie special to you?

Diversity, a sense of solitude, isolation, and strong bond that people of the community share.  I truly believe that everyone lives in Fernie because they genuinely want to be here.

Fernie is home to such a wide array of people with endless growing interests, skills and talents that it feels as though we have everything we need right here. Living among the great outdoors and with the Lizard Mountain Range just outside our front door, there are endless opportunities to those who seek thrill and adventure, and a sense of rooting with nature, you would never find in any city. Having also grown up in rural Alberta, managing life among large crowds has never been my forte, so a population of 5000, hours away from any city is something I get comfort from. In the 4 years I have been around Fernie, I have yet to complain, or here someone complains, about wanting to leave this majestic town so many call home.  Make your way to the top of any surrounding peak, drink coffee at any of the fine shops in town, catch 50 cm of unexpected snow, or watch Shred Kelly Jam at Wapiti Festival and you may find some understanding of why Fernie is so great.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I was born, raised, and have lived 98.9% of my life on Canadian soil. It’s my blood and heritage. Being one of the largest countries in the world, and one of the least populated per Sq. km, and being extremely diverse, it’s basically just a large scale Fernie, with similar characteristics!

What’s your Fernie story?

I moved into a 1 bedroom condo in Timberline crescent, with 3 best friends in December 2013. After a winter season in Whistler, we all decided a more low key town, with some more inland temperatures and snow would be more suiting. Essentially snowboarding was the main factor for testing the waters in Fernie. The community, endless activities that keep a person body, mind and soul happy, and my seasonal summer job that replenishes the bank are basically what keep me here.

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