What makes Fernie special to you? 

The beauty of the mountains, the richness of the vegetation, the four seasons and the pleasant people.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

The variety of the weather, the landscape and the people. Sunsets, Northern lights, starry skies and even sun-dogs!

 What is your Fernie story?

We have been in Fernie about 40 years. I came to teach in the brand new auto shop at the back of what is now 901 Fernie. Our children attended what was Ridgemont Elementary, became C.L. Salvador and is now a residential subdivision. They played in Ridgemont Cresent when young as the backyards were secluded and could have a bear hanging out. All of the mothers and grandmothers watched out for all the children. The boy grew and made first the cemetery and then the wooded ridge as far as he could walk or ski the playground for him and his friends.  The high school was great at preparing them for university.