What makes Fernie special to you? 

When I was younger I always thought I could leave Fernie for the big city. I would imagine what it would be like to live in places like Vancouver, where the world and the people in it never stood still. Parting from Fernie, my roots, my heritage, would be simple. But what I didn’t consider was the spell Fernie has over its inhabitants, which once in full effect, can never be broken. From my childhood to present day, I have walked the friendly streets of Fernie, followed its tree-covered trails alongside the river, skied on its breathtaking slopes, and taken comfort in the protection of the mountains that surround it. I have been taken in by legends like the Ghostrider and looked to the Griz when a blanket of pure white covers the slopes. I have memories filled with the wonderful people of the town, as our sense of togetherness is as unique to us as it is to the place we live in. In short, everyday that I breath Fernie air, see Fernie sights, and take in everything that is Fernie, I become more and more enchanted. And now I am fully convinced there is nowhere else on the face of this planet that could ever be home.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

In my heart I believe that if I travelled the world and saw all the wondrous sights to be seen, Canada would still remain the best place on earth. Canada boasts of diversity like none other, not only by its environment, but also by the people who make up its culture and give it life. From mountains, to oceans, to flatlands, the beauty within its borders is unparalleled. Canada has a voice which calls to people from every walk of life. Whether one is chasing an adventure or seeking peace and solitude, one way or another, Canada speaks to each individual. The atmosphere, the pride of our heritage, the acceptance and the freedom, all of this is what makes Canada great. I have, and forever will have Canada, British Columbia, Fernie and all of its essence engraved on my heart. I feel truly blessed to call this place my home.

What is your Fernie story?

From my first breath to present day, Fernie has been part of me, and I part of it. In my twenty years of life I have never called another place home. I share that in common with my father, who has Fernie blood running through his veins. My grandparents, who chose to settle in Fernie, passed their lives under the same spell which holds all of us to this place we call home, and I am no exception. Fernie is my beautiful snow globe, captivating me with its unique mountains, woodsy paths, and an atmosphere like none other. Whether one has deep roots and heritage in Fernie, or has only just discovered it, the sense of being bound to it cannot be denied by its inhabitants. My love for this place is reinforced every time I step out my front door. The charm, the heavenly beauty, the close-knit community, and much more make Fernie a paradise, a heaven on earth. I am fully convinced that should I ever leave Fernie, it would remain in my dreams, constantly reminding me of the sweet memories of growing up there, and calling me back to it again.