What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is a special and unique place, not only because of the raw beauty that surrounds the town but more importantly, is it because of the people that live here.  I am grateful to live and be part of a thriving community composed of kindhearted, engaged and passionate people. Respect and love of space is prominent within Fernie and it showcases in the many community projects and organizations. It would be difficult to find someone that is not involved in some capacity giving their time, love and efforts into the community and landscapes of Fernie, this is what makes me most proud to be a Fernie-ite. There is a palpable genuine care and respect of this place that we call Fernie and we all do our part to ensure it stays the wonderful and unique place that it is.

 What makes you proud to be Canadian?

The wild, untamed and vast landscapes that make up Canada and the humble, open minded and wholehearted people make me proud to be Canadian. Values of Diversity and Respect come to mind when I think Canada, which I think Canada is doing a pretty good job of demonstrating. I have the random lottery of being born here (thanks parents!) and thankful that I am able to be part of Canada’s present and future. Growing up in Canada has significantly influenced the foundation and value system that I hold integral to who I am today and for that I am grateful, thank you Canada.

What is your Fernie story?

I moved to Fernie in January of 2011 with plans to do a ski season and get to know my niece and nephew who lived in Sparwood.  A ski season has now turned into six years and counting and could not be happier. I jumped into the buzz of Fernie working and volunteering in a variety of capacities while adventuring and exploring Fernie’s “backyard”. There is always something new to discover or learn, whether it is someone’s story or a new trail, there is no lack of entertainment. Fernie seems to infiltrate the heart and is with you wherever you go. The endless opportunity for adventure brought me here and it is the infectious energy of place and people that keep me here.