What makes Fernie Special to you?

What first greets you – BEAUTY ( and if you are lucky, some wild life)

Fernie has an amazing sense of community, there is something for everyone regardless of age or interests. For me the Senior Center, Nature Club, Arts Station and Library make it easy for me to indulge my interests. It is a great day when you can go for a walk along the river, paint at the Art Station, watch your granddaughter practice her skating solo at the Arena, accompany another granddaughter to her music lesson, spend the evening with your quilting friends at the Senior Center – come home for a cup of tea and read a book that is for the next Library Book Club afternoon “tea and read”.

Oh – and to walk down Main Street where you are greeted with many “hello’s” and “how are you”. If there is time there is always a coffee shop open — or you could stop at the Art Co-op or Museum or just look up at the banners and the mountains. I have yet to grow tired of the scenery here.

Have you ever walked through the Farmer’s Market in the summer?
Have you ever experienced the energy at a Ghostrider game?

What about Canada?

The first word that I think of when I think of our great country is FREEDOM. Every day we are free to enjoy whatever lifestyle we may choose. We are able to move around in our city, our province and our country in safety. As Canadians, we have great health care that is available to everyone at a reasonable cost. If the healthcare we need is not available in our immediate community then we are able to access in somewhere else in our country. In Canada we enjoy the diversity of four seasons – each one is beautiful and offers its own beauty. Not only do we have diversity in seasons we also have diversity in people. Each group shares their experiences with others and we learn so much from one another. I have hiked the West Coast Trail, driven across the prairies, visited tiny communities on the MacKenzie River(complete with mosquitos and black flies), attended the Tulip Festival in Ottawa and witnessed reindeer on the table top mountains in Gros Morne National Park. All these adventures were enjoyed because we live in such a wonderful safe and diverse country.

What’s your Fernie Story?

As a family, we started to come to Fernie because of the ski hill – a 6-hour drive that was so worth it because our teenagers came to love the town and the hill. Our first house here was purchased 20 years ago. A cute little miner’s house in the Annex.

This house still belongs to our family. Our son and his young family have expanded the house, call it home complete with an amazing view of the ski hill. When it was time to retire Fernie checked off many of our boxes. One being able to walk to facilities for necessary items and for recreation. Another was health care and a hospital in the community. Bonus items include the indoor pool and hiking trails everywhere in those mountains. I have yet to hike them all!

Family is very important in Fernie today. So employment is important to keep our young families here.

We have two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren here — you can see them all at the ski hill calling out “meet you at the bottom—“