What makes Fernie special to you? 

I grew up in a ski family and to say living in a ski town such as Fernie has pull for me would be an understatement. Leaving the city to live in the mountains has broadened my perspectives as to what is possible from a live and work lifestyle. I’ve discovered fly fishing and have been able to pursue other outdoor passions many of which I can share with my dog buddy Strummer. I have experienced how regional travel can be very rewarding, offering amazing new experiences close to home. Fernie is breath of fresh air that can be as crisp as a powder morning or as pungent as a summer day on the river. I have family, friends, opportunity and a great life here in Fernie which I have the ability to make even greater! The future is unwritten…

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Born in Toronto, raised in Winnipeg, summers spent on Lake of the Woods, now living in the Rocky Mountains after a stint in Calgary. I’m proud that Canada has all these things and so much more to offer me and others. I want to preserve and protect it and continue to explore more of my home and native land.

 What is your Fernie story?

My Fernie story began when I met a girl (now my wife). She was born and raised in this little piece of paradise and like many in her position figured there must be something bigger and better somewhere else. Unfortunately for her all she found was me, and fortunately for me, I found Fernie! Opportunity presented itself in the form of a derelict building, a building that held nostalgia for her and a world of possibilities for both of us. Without much thought we sold our house in the city, bought the building and moved to Fernie. It was time to live the dream! Through various jobs, activities & events I immersed myself in this awesome community. Three years later we are underway refurbishing our old relic and in due time look forward to having it open for business once again.