What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is such an amazing community to be a part of.  The people are so unique and diverse; everyone seems to bring something special to our community.  It is such an active group of people who are generally just stoked on life.  I love being outside whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a powder day and seeing nearly everyone out and about, all smiles just loving life.  It makes me proud to be a part of it; one of the people who decided to live the dream in our awesome little town.

 What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I feel so fortunate to have been born Canadian.  We live in such a beautiful and amazing country.  I have travelled abroad and have such pride when I am asked where I’m from.  And there are so many breathtaking places to visit within Canada.  The freedom, space, friendliness and wild beauty we have are so unique in comparison to so many other places.

What is your Fernie story?

I’m originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I bounced around a bit after high school, living in other mountain towns.  I came to visit my brother who was here for a season back in 2002 and fell in love with the place.  I went home and pretty much packed up and moved here myself.  I was easily convinced to stay a summer, then, well why not stay another winter?  The rest is history.  I am now married and raising 2 awesome boys and living the dream: mountain biking, camping etc. in summer and skiing, snowboarding, etc. in winter with some travel in between seasons. And somehow we find the time to run our businesses in there…The rest of my family (minus one brother in Nelson) has migrated to Fernie since then (2 sisters and their families, one brother and my parents). I feel so fortunate every day to be able to live in this awesome place surrounded by friends and family.