What makes Fernie special to you?

The people. I love the connections we continue to make here. The people here constantly inspire me to try new things and dream bigger. There seems to be a common collective feeling of wanting to make this place great and it fills my heart constantly. I love how I have these feelings in the grocery store and the library just as much as at Fernie Stoke and Wapiti.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I am proud of our acceptance of diversity. I am a first generation Canadian from immigrant parents. I have at times identified with my parents heritage as part of my upbringing, but I have always felt others have too. Many of us are first, second or third generation Canadian. This to me is Canada. A sea of many different cultures, learning about actual Canadian History and people and finding our place within it.

What’s your Fernie Story?

Our story isn’t unique. Our family of four lived in Calgary, but we needed a better work-adventure balance. We took a page from our friends Karen Gorecki and Jeff Zukiwski and decided to work remotely. We would try it out for a year. That was five years ago…..