What makes Fernie special to you? 

Fernie is not only special to me… it is magical! I love the energy in Fernie. My wife Suzanne and I will often be looking out at the beautiful mountain surroundings and say: “We actually live here!”

It is so awesome to not only take in this “Fernie Magic”, but also to be able to contribute to the “Magic”. All of us in Fernie contribute to it in our own way.

For some, it’s the smiles that they generously offer to everyone they meet in the street.

For others, it’s the compassion they display to their neighbors in their everyday actions.

In so many others, it is demonstrated by their volunteerism to the many local events.

Some contribute to the Magic by the countless hours they spend on building and maintaining the trails that make up Fernie’s amazing trail network.

Everyone contributes in their own way to make Fernie the awesome place that it is … and we all appreciate each other for it!

What also makes Fernie special is the proximity of the ski area to the townsite! Anywhere we lived before, whenever it started snowing, most people would feel cursed. Here, the majority of the residents welcome and celebrate the snow! We love that, and gladly join in on the celebration!

You’ll know you’re in Fernie if you’re at a four way stop, there’s a car at each stop sign and neither car drives away because they are all being too polite!

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

I love Canada not only because of the beauty and diversity of its landscape but mostly because of its beautiful people. I love the politeness that we Canadians are known for. I love the inherent peaceful nature of the majority of our Canadian population. I love the expansiveness of Canada and the fact that there is plenty of wilderness available all around us, almost anywhere you go. I am proud to be a Canadian simply because Canada rocks!

What is your Fernie story?

Like most of us in Fernie, we live here simply because we absolutely choose to live here and can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else. It had been many years that we were coming to Fernie regularly to visit our daughters Nicole and Stephanie. We fell in love with the area and eventually started looking for our own perfect house. Now, we are blessed to not only have our daughters Nicole and Stephanie living here; Michèle and Colin has also moved here and we now have four of our five children here, with our fifth child, Rémi living not too far away, in Nelson. Five of our six grandchildren live here in Fernie… lucky us!

I see and describe Fernie as a city that still feels wild enough, yet has plenty of class, amazing cultural opportunities and always has some kind of event going on.