OCTOBER 12, 2017 TO MARCH 31, 2018

The fascination of historic objects is the foundation for museum collections.  Objects make us wonder: “Who made this?  Where was it made and used?  What stories are there about the people associated with the object?  Are the stories happy or sad, inspiring or confusing?”  There is intrigue in the vaults of a museum!  The Fernie Museum has almost 10,000 artifacts in its Cultural History Collection that relate to the human history of the Elk Valley. The objects reflect stories of commerce, immigration, education, community services, religion, transportation, military service, diversity and the personal lives of individuals who chose to live here.  Members of the Fernie community will select 150 treasures and curiosities from the vaults; each individual will reflect on the importance of the object to Fernie’s history and share their how the stories of the objects are relevant to their lives today.